The second generation of shear. Welded steel plate construction, heating to eliminate stress,with high strength and good rigidi
Hydraulic Shearing Machine
Main Features of the Press Brake The CNC hydraulic press brake is completely streamlined and meets EU production requirements.
Press Brake for Bending
Quick Overview C – Type Power Press Machine 75 Tons Crankshaft Dia – 115 Strock Adjustment – 13-115 Length Width Bed – 508
Punching Machine
Linear structure reduces sheets transferring time and improve production efficiency. The material frame is controlled by the sp
Cutting Machine
Seam welding machine Welding gun is fixed. Work piece will rotate PLC control system Parameter rotation speed 0.2-
Welding Machines
1. General Description This Equipment is specially designed for Grinding the edge of Stainless Stee
Grinding Machines
Trimming and Beading Machine ( QJY325-300) Experience, which exalts our great flexibility in providing trimming solutions, as well as a technological service focused on seeking the most useful result for the
Trimming and Beading Machine (  QJY325-300)
HANDLE RIVETING MACHINE (HC-1230A ) This Is A Hydraulic-Based Riveting Machine. It Has An Auto Feeder Mechanism Of Rivets, So The Rivets Does Not Have To Be Placed By The Worker.
Automatic Sanding Machine (2WSSG-300) This Machine Is Widely Used For Sanding The Interior And Exterior Surfaces Of The Metal Wares. TECHNICAL PARAMETERS MODEL NO 2WSSG-300 WORKPIECE DIAMETER 160-320MM WORKPIECE HEIGHT 50-300MM LENGTH OF ABRASIVE BELT 50M WIDTH OF ABRASIVE BELT 30MM WORKPIECE
Automatic Sanding Machine (2WSSG-300)


Our main products are Press Brakes; Shearing Machines; Guillotine Shearing Machines ;Hydraulic Shearing ;Punching Machines; Power Press Machines; Cutting Machine; Grinding Machine;Welding Machines;Trimming and beading machine; Handle riveting machine; Automatic sanding machine and Moulds


we would like to supply our fast communication and service for your kind inquiries. Besides, we always welcome relative business partners and companies to be our distributors in your market to reach our mutual benefits.


Our products are widely used in light industry, aviation, ship, metallurgy, electronic equipment and stainless steel products. Our main markets are In Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Greece, the USA and Canada

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DAM INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO.LTD has been focusing on research and design, manufacturing and sales of better prices with better quality machines such as Press Brakes; Shearing Machines; Guillotine Shearing Machines ;Hydraulic Shearing ;Punching Machines; Power Press Machines;Cutting Machine; Grinding Machine;Welding Machines; Trimming and beading machine; Handle riveting machine; Automatic sanding machine and Moulds and so on. DAM is a true expert of machine- manufacturing based on more than 10 years experience.

We have 28,000 square meters workshop, advanced production equipment,220 experienced staff, and strictly effective quality assurance system. DAM selects best material and parts for the machines and the most important is DAM manufactures most of the parts by itself for better to control the quality. Therefore our products win the reputation of practical, reliable and durable.

Nowadays our company is developing the global market, We are currently looking for all agents and powerful cooperation globally to sell our products worldwide. We are glad to try our best to supply Free technical support and related information all of the China Machine. Any advise you have , please do not hesitate to contact with us for your requirement, thank you!

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